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Décor Accents That Can Add Character To Any Room

Décor Accents That Can Add Character To Any Room

Does your house need a little more visual excitement? Get rid of drabness and dreariness by selecting décor accents that draw the eye, add a pop of color or excitement, and make the rest of the elements in the room work better together. If you aren’t sure where to start, take a moment to note the color, lighting, and general theme of your room, then carry that information with you to the store. When you get there, keep in mind the following selection of décor accents that can add character to any room.


Rugs are miracle workers when it comes to sprucing up a room by adding color, comfort, safety, and coherence. Let the room choose the rug. If it’s a place for cozy conversation, quiet reading, and contemplation, go with an understated rug in earthen tones that’s plush and comfortable beneath your bare feet. For a more active area, go for bright colors and flashy patterns, plus a soft and cushiony consistency for any little people running, playing, and sometimes stumbling through. For high traffic areas, make sure the rug is stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned. As the old movie line states, rugs really tie the room together.


Functional, beautiful, and available in a variety of models and materials, clocks are a great addition to any room. Going analog or digital is up to you, but analog clocks offer a traditional appearance, while a digital clock adds a sleeker look. Wall clocks are a nice focal point, especially when surrounded by framed art and other decorations but pick the right size for the wall. A big clock can overwhelm a small area, while a smaller clock might become lost in the shuffle. Table clocks are delightful accents for end tables and mantels but leave room for other, smaller objects.

Hardware Upgrade

A subtle way to upgrade your home’s look is to update all the hardware. If your current doorknobs, electrical outlets and switch covers, drawer pulls, and similar hardware came with the house, they’re likely cheap, unimaginative, and made of plastic, aluminum, and other utilitarian but lackluster materials. Look for hardware with more flair. Mission and Arts and Crafts-style hardware is available that provides a more upscale and elegant look. A doorknob backed by trim looks so much better than a dingy grey knob.

Let There Be Light!

When considering décor accents that can add character to any room, lamps are the best way to brighten and liven things up. Table lamps are fine, but strategically placed floor lamps in every corner can both spread and focus light, filling the room with a soft wash or a cheerful glow. Club lamps can provide plenty of light while staying in the background themselves, while candelabra lamps can provide plenty of light while drawing attention to themselves. Pick the best style for the room!

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