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The Symptoms of Not Treating Diabetes

Whether you suspect you may be developing diabetes or you’re not managing a current diagnosis properly, you need to know the symptoms of not treating diabetes.

The Symptoms of Not Treating Diabetes

Some of the symptoms of untreated diabetes are well known and easy to identify with the right tools, while other signs can fly under the radar and slip your notice. It is to your benefit to understand the risks and symptoms of not treating diabetes and address the warning signs when they begin to occur. Waiting too long to seek treatment or get a diagnosis will severely affect your health.

High Blood Glucose

The most common way to identify issues with diabetes is to check your blood glucose levels to observe any significant changes. Diabetes prevents your pancreas from naturally creating insulin; insulin helps transfer glucose from your bloodstream to your cells.

Typically, normal blood sugar levels range from 70 to 130 mg/dl, while a reading of 200 mg/dl or more two hours after a meal is usually a sign that you have diabetes.

Higher Than Normal Thirst

High blood sugar can result in dehydration and negatively affect how your body absorbs water. Because of this, those with diabetes will have a higher-than-average thirst throughout the day—a thirst that they can’t seem to satisfy. This dehydration may also lead to a constant dry mouth and excessive thirst.

Numbness in the Hands and Feet

Beyond dehydration, high blood sugar also damages the nerves of the body; usually, the hands and feet see the most effects of this. Those with diabetes may experience a tingling sensation in their hands and feet or a feeling of an electric shock shooting through their nerves. The numbness is due to diabetic neuropathy, and it can progress to the point of redness and swelling in the legs. Once it gets to the point of swelling, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Don’t Wait To Get Answers

Whether you suspect you have diabetes or know you have some form of it, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor to get an exact diagnosis. You need to know the difference between the types of diabetes to make educated decisions regarding your diet, exercise, and general lifestyle. Failing to make the necessary changes can result in crippling medical conditions or prove fatal.

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