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Tips and Ideas for Decorating a Tiny Home

You might not have a lot of space, but you still have style. Express your aesthetic with these tips and ideas for decorating a tiny home with personality.

Tips and Ideas for Decorating a Tiny Home

As more homeowners are downsizing (and downsizing, and downsizing), Florida has become a favored location for tiny homes. These interesting structures are no more than 400 square feet in total, so their inhabitants have to be strategic about what they place inside. These tips and ideas for decorating a tiny home are helpful for any minimalist lifestyle. Even if you don’t have a tiny home, you might pick up some strategies for maximizing your living space.

Create the Illusion of Space

No one expects the airiness of a loft in a tiny house, but some visual tricks are your best defense against claustrophobia. What should you do to your walls? Paint them white. It’s not as boring as it sounds—there are hundreds of shades of white—and it will open up your home. Also, use lighter furniture. This is a technique that experts recommend for any smaller space, and it doesn’t have to be boring. You can add pops of color in other ways. And in a tiny home, it’s crucial to use every inch available, so let your vertical lines go all the way to the ceiling.

Leave Windows Unfettered

You’ll want to welcome in as much natural light as you can, so go easy on the window treatments. Skip the curtains and install blinds that you can open and close easily for privacy. You don’t have too many layout options for your furniture, but don’t give up and block your window with a bookshelf. Prioritize the light and work around the windows with custom-built pieces if necessary.

Don’t Install Too Much Storage

Yes, it sounds counterintuitive, but if you go overboard with cabinetry and shelving, you’ll end up buying things to fill them. Clutter is a tiny home’s enemy. Start with a reasonable amount of storage and live with it for a while. You can add storage subtly with furniture that can do double duty. A bed with drawers underneath and a hollow bench are strong examples. Determine how much more storage you really need before clogging up your living space.

Redefine Your Wall Art

Paintings and posters won’t take up room, but you’ll be missing an opportunity for more interesting walls if you only stick to them. One great tip for decorating a tiny home is to hang plants to enliven the atmosphere and keep the air clean. You can use some open shelving with baskets and colorful boxes to conceal clutter too. You may also store items like spices in attractive jars that you can display on the wall. Everything in your house needs to serve a purpose—but it can still have style.

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