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How Veterinarians Can Serve their Community

How Veterinarians Can Serve their Community

As a veterinarian, you serve the community daily—you make yourself available for appointments and diligently care for families’ beloved pets and farm animals. Beyond the workday, there are other ways veterinarians can serve their community and leave a lasting impression as someone who cares not only for their business, but also for the people around them.

Volunteer To Teach

As a veterinarian, you have a wealth of knowledge that others may find useful. Consider volunteering at a local school once a year to teach children fun animal facts. A high school’s FFA (Future Farmers of America) is a great place for a large animal veterinarian to volunteer time and help kids achieve awards and knowledge through a fantastic program.

Contact your city to figure out where your services might be helpful. For example, a county board might like to hear what you know about rabies and other diseases so they can warn the community and protect animals. Volunteering that information builds trust in the community.

Offer the Best Services

Be the best veterinarian possible and let the community know you’re there. Stay on top of the latest technology in veterinary care such as standing MRIs for horses and other advanced imaging services.

Have a good system in place to remind clients when shots need updating and checkups are due. And you can train staff in handling grief as owners lose their pets. Your clients will be forever grateful for a smooth and caring experience during those times.

Disaster Response

When natural disaster strikes, such as a flood or earthquake, animals are in danger. Serve your community by offering to check pets who are rescued from the floodwaters or pulled out from under the remains of a building. Volunteer to be on the spot, assisting in the rescue of animals.

Discount Vaccinations

Vaccinations like rabies are important, but some people simply can’t afford them or they hesitate to adopt because they don’t want to pay for shots as soon as they get their pet.

Some veterinarians volunteer their time at the local animal shelter on a special adoption day, offering free vaccinations to pets being adopted. This type of service helps increase adoption rates and keeps the community protected from pets with diseases.

As you can see, veterinarians can serve their community in many ways after the office closes for the day. Earn the trust of the community and you’ll have a lifetime of loyal clients and happy patients.

Emily Joswiak
Author: Emily Joswiak

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