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Reasons To Hire a Professional When Removing Insulation

Reasons To Hire a Professional When Removing Insulation

Though many types of insulation last for a long period of time and may even remain in good condition for the entire lifespan of your home, there are certain instances when insulation removal is necessary. Whether the insulation material experienced water damage, your home had a pest infestation, or the insulation has simply stopped working effectively, you may need to have the insulation removed. In such a case, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional insulation contractor rather than taking on the job yourself. Here are some of the main reasons to hire a professional when removing insulation.

DIY Insulation Removal Can Pose Safety Risks

One of the main reasons to hire a professional when removing insulation is that DIY removal can pose several safety risks. For one thing, navigating areas such as attics and working around vents, pipes, and electrical components can pose numerous safety risks, such as falling or electrocution.

In addition, if the insulation material has been contaminated with pests, droppings, or mold, attempting to remove it without professional experience and equipment could expose you to harmful spores or diseases. Further, if contaminated insulation isn’t removed properly, there is a risk that the infestation or mold outbreak could return once your new insulation is installed.

Less Mess

Even with the proper equipment and experience, insulation removal is often a messy job. Over time, debris such as dust, grime, mold, and pest droppings may have accumulated in your home’s insulation. When removing the insulation, particles from such substances will be disturbed and fly into the air. While professionals know how to mitigate substantial messes during the insulation removal process, a novice like yourself will likely find themselves with a lot of cleaning up to do.

Avoid Damaging Your Home

Aside from simply making a mess, trying to remove insulation on your own could end up seriously damaging your home. When attempting to tear out insulation, you could damage vents and electrical wires located around the insulation. In some cases, you may even harm the structure of your home by stepping on weak areas in your attic or accidentally yanking down support beams. To avoid significant home repair costs, it’s best to hire a professional insulation removal company.

Emily Joswiak
Author: Emily Joswiak

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