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The Benefits of CBD Oil and Other Products

The Benefits of CBD Oil and Other Products

With the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing the production of hemp, CBD has rapidly become more available to consumers and has thus started to eliminate the stigma surrounding CBD as being strictly related to marijuana. With the lack of stigma, many consumers are beginning to recognize the benefits of CBD oil and other products made from it to address a variety of health issues without any major side effects. Let’s go over some of these benefits and which CBD products best address them.

Soothes Anxiety

Of the benefits of CBD oil and other products, the best-known benefit is how CBD can relax and soothe feelings of anxiety and depression. Research believes that CBD accomplishes this by altering the way your brain’s receptors respond to the chemical serotonin; but regardless, it is a fact that CBD has been able to reduce contributing feelings like stress to assuage anxiety. Some of the best CBD products towards this goal are simply a CBD tincture to cook into your meals or apply directly under your tongue for the most efficient relief.

Relieves Pain

CBD has naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties that make it effective in soothing pain. It doesn’t just numb or mask the pain like other pain relief medications—it actually bonds with endocannabinoid receptors to address the problem directly. The best product for reducing pain is with the use of CBD topicals that can be applied directly to the skin for targeted pain relief. This works especially well because our skin has numerous endocannabinoid receptors.


Research is still within the early days, but CBD has made headlines for being a possible treatment for conditions such as epilepsy to reduce the chance of seizure. While the best dosage and methods have not been confirmed, you can keep up with The American Epilepsy Society’s research into the matter, as testing results have been favorable and could mean a world of difference for patients in the future.

Reduces Acne

Similar to how the anti-inflammation properties help reduce pain, so too could they be used to help those struggling with frequent cases of acne. To do this, the CBD oil interacts with and prevents activity with sebaceous glands to prevent the overproduction of sebum—a natural oily substance our body produces to keep our skin hydrated. Too much sebum, however, is what leads to acne. This also a rather recent revelation, and it’s important to note that it doesn’t work for everyone. It’s best to discuss this option with a dermatologist, if possible.

Emily Joswiak
Author: Emily Joswiak

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