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Welcoming Your Furry Friend: Top Ways To Pet-Proof Your Home

Pet-proofing your home is an essential first step when making a new addition to your family. Noting potential hazards is crucial to creating a safe environment.

Welcoming Your Furry Friend: Top Ways To Pet-Proof Your Home

When you adopt a new pet, your family grows, and you take on new responsibilities. Step one is to ensure your home is free of potential hazards your pet may face; remember, what’s safe for people could be lethal to animals. Here are the top ways to pet-proof your home as you prepare for your furry friend’s arrival.

Prevent in-House Hazards

Begin by looking around your house for any potential dangers—power strips and cables make fun chew toys to an overactive pup, so keep these out of reach. Store household cleaners in a cabinet that your canine can’t access, as chemicals such as antifreeze are tasty and addictive to pets, yet toxic and lethal if overconsumed or left untreated.

Food is another potential danger your canine faces. Many of the foods we love are poisonous to dogs, so do your research on these items.  Our pets are curious, and if they smell something delicious, they may find a way to get to it when you’re not looking. Prevent this by covering your trash cans or installing a baby gate in certain entryways. 

Keep Your Backyard Safe

Another one of the top ways to pet-proof your home is to check outside for potential dangers. If you have a fence, check for weak spots or holes beneath it because either could lead to an easy escape for adventurous pups. Additionally, if you have a pool, make sure it’s pet friendly by installing a fence around it and consider buying an animal life preserver. This way, your pet can safely take a dip with you on a hot summer day.

When you tend to your grass, evaluate the pesticides and fertilizers you use, as many are lethal if mistakenly consumed by animals. To prevent this, purchase pet-friendly options, and remember to wipe off your pet’s paws after walking around the neighborhood if you notice someone has recently fertilized their lawn.

Provide Them a Space of Their Own

Lastly, give your pet a place to call their own. Just like any human, your pet deserves privacy, and this space can range from a comfy bed in the corner of the living room to a kennel. By putting aside a place for your furry friend, you give them a safe refuge to seek out when the house is too loud or when they want to lie down.

Ensure they have easy access to their food and water bowls both inside and outside the home; by doing this, you increase your pet’s happiness and make them feel more comfortable. Also, make sure this space has toys to keep your pet entertained so they can live a happy, enriched life.

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