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Tips for Cleaning Up the Messiest of Homes

Tips for Cleaning Up the Messiest of Homes

It’s a normal part of life—sometimes things like housework get away from us and start to pile up. It can happen for any number of reasons: family issues, health problems, or even something as simple as lack of sleep. Whatever the cause behind it, you might have already decided that enough is enough. When your home has really gotten away from you, you might need a little help. We’ve come up with a couple of tips for cleaning the messiest of homes to help you get your place back in order.

Thoroughly Assess the Damage

The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out where the worst of the mess is. It could be your basement if you have one, or perhaps your attic is overflowing with stuff. It’s also important to weigh how often you use that space against how messy it is. Your plan should start with the worst offender in the most used room in your house.

Allow for Small Victories

The reason to start in the worst offending rooms is that any progress you make will feel like a huge accomplishment. Allow yourself to feel good for getting rid of at least some of the mess, even if you still have a lot more to go. These small victories will help you stay motivated as you continue. If you only allow yourself to feel good about completing an entire room, you’re going to have a lot of days where it feels like you made no progress at all.

Don’t Delay Organization

One of the best tips for cleaning a really messy home is to not just move junk from one pile to another. Organization is key; you want to make sure you have a concrete idea of where things go before you start picking up. This way, you can put where they are supposed to be, rather than simply “somewhere else,” which only adds to the mess.

Take Things On One at a Time

It’s easy to look at everything you need to do and conclude that it’s all just too much to deal with. That’s because you’re looking at everything as one enormous task that you’ll need to complete. Instead of resolving to have a perfectly spotless home, create smaller goals. Maybe you would just like to be able to see the floor of your bedroom, or maybe you’d like it if all your child’s toys were out of the way. Whatever you decide, only take on one small goal at a time—eventually, you’ll accomplish more than you even realized.

Emily Joswiak
Author: Emily Joswiak

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