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4 Signs You Really Need To Get Your Car Serviced

4 Signs You Really Need To Get Your Car Serviced

For a lot of us, our cars are integral parts of our daily lives. Unfortunately, because we put them through their paces so much, they need to be maintained quite frequently, which can add up in costs over time. The thought of paying these costs can sometimes make us ignore important signs that our car is in distress. We’re going to look at some signs that you really need to get your car serviced, so you can feel safer and more secure in your vehicle.

Your Check Engine Light Is Flashing

We’ve all ignored a check engine light at one point in our lives, sometimes the problem seems to fix itself. However, the moment your check engine light starts to flash, there’s no more reason to continue ignoring it. Any number of problems could be wrong with your car if your engine light begins to flash, so don’t take any unnecessary risks with it. This is especially important if you’ve recently modified your car, as you never know what mistakes you might have made that set off the light.

A Noise That Won’t Go Away

All cars go through some creaking and groaning, more so in the colder months of the year; but if a sound is persistent over many drives, it might be time to bring it in for servicing. A consistent droning, squealing, or grinding noise may indicate that something is very much out of place and could be continually damaging your car as you continue to drive it. These problems are often hard to pinpoint, so it’s best to take it into a professional.

Excessive Amounts of Smoke

Some cars do simply create more and thicker exhaust than others, but there could be trouble brewing if the smoke gets to be a little too much. This can be caused by an oil leak and may also come along with a burning smell that really indicates you need to get your car serviced. One of the biggest signs you need to get your car serviced is if smoke is coming from under your hood. Don’t play around with this problem, take it in right away.

Leaking Underneath Your Car

It’s worth the time every now and then to inspect the area where you regularly park in order to make sure nothing is leaking from beneath your car. Look for coolant leaks, which are usually a greenish color, and for engine oil, brake fluid, or transmission oil leaks that have a more brownish color to them. The last thing you want is for your car to break down because of this very fixable issue. Keep in mind that dripping water in the summer months is normal, as this is just your air conditioning working.

Emily Joswiak
Author: Emily Joswiak

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