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Must-Have Smart Home Gadgets for Your Rental Property

Must-Have Smart Home Gadgets for Your Rental Property

In an unpredictable tourism economy, vacation home owners need any edge that can make their rental stand out. You don’t have any control over travel bans, the weather, or the state of the world, but sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference. With about 275,000 other vacation rental listings in Florida, these must-have smart home gadgets for your rental property can make yours the smarter choice.

Vacationers who have been cooped up at home for months have become dramatically more tech-dependent. Adding innovative conveniences to your rental is a no-brainer—not only for you, but for the travelers too exhausted to do things for themselves.

Virtual Assistant

More families are relying on smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and a digital assistant is useful in vacation homes right from check-in. The “concierge” is activated by voice and can be programmed with welcome messages, an audio guide to the property, instructions, and more. Afterward, renters can use the smart speakers for other purposes, such as listening to music.

Video Doorbell

The security benefits of a door cam are enormous, from screening visitors and to recording video of any criminal activity. This is an especially nice feature for longer-term rentals and snowbirds, who are more likely to be receiving packages, restaurant orders, and visitors. Perks like these can turn first-time renters into happy tenants who book annually or decide to move there permanently. Property owners like to use the cameras, too, to keep an eye on who’s coming and going. Bonus: Doorbell footage that’s funny or outrageous has a way of going viral on YouTube and Tik Tok.

Smart Thermostat

Owners can control room temperatures via phone app and even set a PIN so that renters can only change it within a reasonable range. Smart thermostats tend to be extremely simple to operate, so you’ll get fewer complaints from frustrated, random-button-punching renters. These gadgets can sense when travelers aren’t there and will adjust the temperature automatically to save on energy usage—and energy bills.

Smart Locks

A keyless entry simplifies things for new renters, who don’t have to deal with picking up keys, sharing them, losing them, and struggling with humidity-rusted locks. Between bookings, owners can reprogram the locks as often as needed from their phones. It can also facilitate visits repairs and services when you can’t be there. And you’ll get a time stamp each time someone uses the lock.

Vacationers may want a change of scenery, but they’ve come to expect familiar, home-away-from-home conveniences. With these must-have smart home gadgets for your rental property, you’ll attract new bookings while retaining your regulars. Best of all, you can improve your guests’ stay—from a distance.

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