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Tips for Decorating a Nautical Bathroom

Tips for Decorating a Nautical Bathroom

When you are looking to revamp your house, the bathroom is a great place to start. Bathrooms are easy to forget when thinking about your home décor plan. An attractive and easily achievable décor style that’s perfect for bathrooms is the nautical theme. Check out these tips for decorating a nautical bathroom.

Opt for oceanic tones

The key to achieving a nautical aesthetic in your bathroom is to choose oceanic tones for the walls, flooring, and bath accessories (check for more on Wetrooms Design). Using white or sandy beige as a base color is a great starting point. Then, you can use décor to accent this base color in tones of blue or green to reflect the color of seawater. For a pop of color, pick coral hues that tie in the hushed tones of the ocean while keeping the room bright and fun.

Upgrade your tiles

Standard tiles don’t exactly scream “beachside estate.” Upgrading your tiles to a more oceanic fish scale tile can instantly make your bathroom feel more aquatic and stylish. Fish scale tiles are great for bathrooms and give the room a custom feel that embellishes the décor you choose. Upgrading your tiles increases your home value and gives your bathroom a modern upgrade that’s stylish, attractive, and unique. If you’re not sure which tiles to use, take a look at these interior design ideas to help make your mind up.

Incorporate subtle seaside décor

Bathrooms are rarely the biggest room in the house, so it’s key that you don’t overload the space with décor pieces. To give your bathroom a nautical feel without overdoing the décor, use subtle seaside pieces that give the feeling of nautical life without overpowering the room. Small items such as sand, a few little seashells, a small Capitan’s wheel, or towels embroidered with anchors can instantly transform your bathroom from a generic room to a seaside oasis. If you don’t have the surface space for these decorative items, you could always look at Custom Shower Curtains and get one with your favorite photo of the beach.

There are plenty of ways to make your bathroom feel like a nautical getaway without making the room feel cramped or cluttered. Most changes will stem from a color shift, while the décor will simply act as icing on the cake.

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