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Shake-A-Leg Miami receives $75,000 in support of summer camp programs

Shake-A-Leg Miami, a nonprofit organization in Coconut Grove that uses the marine environment to improve the health, education and well-being of children and adults with physical, developmental and socio-economic challenges, has received a $75,000 grant from the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

 The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation funding directly supports the Marine Academy Summer Camp, providing scholarships for children in grades 2 to 12 to typically experience water fun, physical exercise, educational sessions, and camp crafts at the Shake-A-Leg campus. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic led to the creation of both an onsite camp and a virtual camp. After the city of Miami experienced two weeks of spikes in cases, the camp went totally virtual.   

“We are delighted and thankful to Thomas Abraham and the board of directors at the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation for being at our side at such a momentous time to support our Marine Academy Summer Camp program. As we make headway in the COVID-19 storm, it’s a critical time in the lives of children, especially those who face so many difficulties, whether it’s physical, intellectual, socio-economical, and more,” said Harry Horgan, founder and CEO.  

“The summer camp programs at Shake-A-Leg Miami are impressive and fit well with our track for education program grants. Under the special circumstances created by COVID-19, I particularly admire the way in which Shake-A-Leg segued the Marine Academy Summer Camp into a remote virtual camp to ensure the safety and health of everyone,” said Thomas Abraham, chairman of the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation.  

Online camp activities take the magic of Biscayne Bay into the homes of the campers, with an emphasis on exploring the bay through sailing, fishing and kayaking, joining in adventures with Sally the Sailor puppet, and teaching literacy and social-emotional learning. The curriculum is developed and implemented by Shake-A-Leg staff and Miami-Dade County Public Schools teachers.   

The $75,000 gift is part of a matching grant program at Shake-A-Leg Miami. Other sponsors include The Batchelor Foundation, The Children’s Trust, and loyal supporters without whose generosity the Marine Academy Summer Camp would not be possible.

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