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Prepare for an A+ SMILE

School will be starting again soon (with some major changes) but there are still a few weeks of summer vacation left…. and what a strange one it has been in 2020! While summer is a typically a great time for activities such as traveling and camp, many of our summer plans have been hampered by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, one thing that need not be put on the side burner at this time is orthodontic treatment!

Summer has always the best time to begin orthodontic treatment, and this summer is no exception. If you have been considering a smile transformation for yourself or your child, take advantage of the extra time you may find on your hands these last few weeks of summer to get it started! Let’s explore the reasons why it’s a great time to begin a new smile journey now:

It is SAFE!

First and foremost it is worth mentioning that while many are hesitant to leave their house these days, it is currently very safe to seek orthodontic treatment. At Pinecrest Orthodontics, the safety of our patients has always been paramount, as it is without exception during this time. We have always followed strict OSHA guidelines for safety in our office, and we are currently taking extra special measures through guidance from the ADA and CDC to ensure the utmost of safety for our patients and staff.

Time to get adjusted

There is always going to be an adjustment period when braces or orthodontic appliances are initially placed. While braces and Invisalign are not painful, the mouth does require time to get used to having something new in it. Patients need to adjust to eating and speaking with their new orthodontic appliances. Going through this adjustment period during the school year can make getting braces or Invisalign a bit more stressful, and thus summer is the best time to get accustomed to new orthodontic appliances.

Better for appointments

Since the initial visits and placement of orthodontic appliances are typically lengthier appointments, summer is a great time to start so that kids will not have to miss any school. By the time school starts again, routine orthodontic follow up visits will typically be shorter and can be scheduled accordingly so that school schedules are not disrupted.

More time to pay attention to oral hygiene routines

Having braces means spending more time on one’s oral hygiene routine (that is, maintaining a clean mouth). Getting braces during the summer allows for the extra time it takes to become and expert on brushing and flossing routines before schools starts. Kids will also have more freedom to brush and clean their teeth and braces throughout the day, something they might not be able to do while in school or busy with homework.

If you are looking for the best time to begin your or your child’s new smile journey, don’t hesitate… the time is now! Please call Pinecrest Orthodontics at 305-423-4130 for your initial complimentary orthodontic consultation to get in before school starts!

Victoria Rotham
Author: Victoria Rotham

Victoria Rotham
the authorVictoria Rotham
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