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Immune Boosting Soup

As we think of Covid-19, what all mainstream medical experts are expressing is the importance of supplementation and health building factors which help with preventing it or managing through it.

Soup To Bones is a company we recently stumbled upon in the heart of South Miami who is dedicated to health building in the most natural way possible. Sandra Leyva, owner of Soup To Bones, is a non-practicing physician who has mastered a Chinese health building secret – Bone Marrow Broth. She explains that she has frequented China a dozen times and throughout those years, SARS has always been their main concern – which is why at all major train stations and airports, your temperature is scanned before venturing out on the streets.

We caught up with Sandra between deliveries to first responders and homebound residents to get an insight of the importance of bone marrow broth. She explained that she was the co-owner of Jeannetti’s Catering and a restaurant in South Beach which fueled her passion for organic, farm to table fusioned food in 2005. She noticed that Miami was still not ready for this concept and went back to working at a law firm. When her daughter was born, she was very ill and after a layoff from the law firm, she decided to go back to school and obtain a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine and a Bachelors of Health Science. When she returned in 2013 for her medical studies at Shuguang International Hospital in Shanghai, China, she was given the task of assisting positive SARS patients throughout her internship. One thing was clear as she followed her cases, that bone marrow broth being served by the hospital to these patients and throughout the hospital immensely helped all patients.

We asked why and here is what she said, “Bone marrow is Asia’s fountain of youth and consumed daily for over 3,000 years. It provides all minerals, biologically available vitamins and collagen. Our broths are not cooked with muscle meat, which means it doesn’t contain the information and antibiotics that are normally fed to animals. Bone marrow broth is also used for its natural collagen properties without hydrolyzing it, so the body can use it to help in the elasticity of arteries, organs, skin and nails.”

Soup To Bones’ mission is to provide the very best product with a medicinal foundation that nature’s way is the best way for prevention. She sometimes feels as though her Master’s degree in herbology has given her the edge which is why this company by far exceeds all other broth companies in the nation – the principal of mastering East and West has worked for her and all the thousands of patients.

Soup To Bones is currently working on producing immune boosting soups all while servicing through non-contact home deliveries to people with Covid-19, cancer and to those who just want to enjoy what grandmothers served for the sniffles.

Soup To Bones has also partnered with World Central Kitchen and Chef Jose Andres to feed those who have lost their jobs and ER Departments at 3 local hospitals.

We also asked what the future holds for bone marrow soups and she said she envisions her soups in all clinics and hospitals – one visit for Western and Eastern modalities.

Please call 305-507-5547 , or visit souptobones.com for more info and how to order!

Author: TFVstaff

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