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UpSwing Health

Get help with your musculoskeletal problems, on demand

The doctors of Upswing Health are generously donating their time during the COVID 19 pandemic, NOT charging for their telemedicine services.

How it works:

  • Use the injury identification tool, powered by AI and medical experts, to identify your injury.
  • Connect (for free!) with one of their medical professionals – tell them what hurts and about your injury.
  • Upswing then works with the patient to develop a personalized recovery plan based on any given needs and situation.


This is an exceptional avenue for people to avoid going into a doctor’s office. 


How is the company able to do this for free?  

They are doing it for free because there is a tremendous need for orthopedic advice at this time. While almost everyone is staying home, kids are still getting injured, many are trying to stay active, and we may have some aches and pains as a result. Many people do not have access to healthcare professionals because they are so busy taking care of patients with COVID, and urgent care centers/ERs are not places to go unless it is absolutely necessary.

What kinds of injuries does Upswing treat?  

Upswing professionals are really good at helping people figure out what to do without seeing a physical physician. They do this by using an AI powered tool to help people figure out what might be wrong, they can read about it, and have access to some great exercises. If that is not enough, they can immediately talk to a certified athletic trainer who can help answer their questions. He/She can set them up with a customized therapy program.

Sometimes people do need to go to the ER or to see an orthopedic specialist. Our certified trainers can help them make that decision.

They also have the ability to set up a free telemedicine visit with a primary care sports medicine specialist if talking to a certified trainer is not enough but a visit to a ER or orthopedic surgeon is not required.

upswinghealth.com; Image Credit: Total Shape

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