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The New Frost Science@Home Digital Learning Platform

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science (Frost Science) in Downtown Miami has introduced a new digital platform series, Frost Science@Home, giving web visitors the opportunity to explore free educational resources, videos, DIY science activities and behind-the-scenes content. Stand-out content includes at-home family-friendly science activities, a 360° exploration of the museum’s top exhibitions and a deep dive into the world of the resident rehabilitated loggerhead sea turtle, Miko.

Highlights of Frost Science@Home include:

  • EXPLORE! Museum experts will take guests inside the museum from the comfort of their homes. The virtual tour was created as a resource to highlight the campus as a welcoming and enriching learning environment for all. Join Frost Science’s Knight VP of education, Dr. Angela Colbert, and explore each level of the museum. In addition, a 360° video captures the museum’s major exhibition spaces.
  • Curriculum Resources: Frost Science exhibition guides, including exciting and educational activities.
  • DIY Science: Looking for activities to keep young learners and budding scientists engaged?
  • Animals at Frost Science: How does the museum care for the diverse wildlife? Frost Science’s veterinarian, Dr. Kristen Dube, has all the answers.
  • Miko the Loggerhead: She weighs 135 lbs. and is over 20 years old. Meet Frost Science’s rehabilitated loggerhead sea turtle, Miko, and learn more about this amazing species of sea turtles.
  • Sharks, oh my! There are over 400 species of sharks in the world. Sounds like a lot? Well, there’s nine different species of hammerheads alone. View the top 5 things you didn’t know about sharks.

For more information about Frost Science@Home,please visit frostscience.org/athome. Please share it with your family and friends, and tag the museum at #FrostScienceAtHome.

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