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Lime Surpasses One Million Rides in South Florida

Replacing more than 383,000 car trips and avoiding close to 200 metric tons of carbon emissions

Lime today announced that nearly 250,000 riders in Miami and Fort Lauderdale have taken more than one million rides since Lime launched scooters in Fort Lauderdale in late 2018, and Miami in April 2019. The announcement marks a major milestone for micromobility in South Florida, where riders have traveled more than 1.16 million miles on Lime scooters. Based on a survey of South Florida riders, scooter trips have replaced an estimated 383,000 car trips, while saving riders and drivers time by reducing congestion. Some of the top places and regional areas people are visiting via Lime include Edgewater, Wynwood, Coconut Grove in Miami. Relevant numbers from Lime in South Florida include: 

  • Total Trips Taken: 1,003,491 trips
  • Total Miles Traveled: 1,165,177 miles
  • Respondents who would have taken a car trip if a scooter weren’t available: 38.2%
  • Estimated motor vehicle trips avoided: 383,334 trips
  • Estimated Vechile Miles Traveled reduction: 445,098 miles
  • Estimated CO2 avoided: 179 metric tons (this is the equivalent of taking 38 cars off the road for a year)

“South Florida residents and visitors love Lime scooters and we couldn’t be more thrilled,” said Uhriel Bedoya, Florida General Manager for Lime. “This milestone underscores how we’re fulfilling a need in the community for more affordable and equitable transportation options. We’ll continue to focus on providing the safest scooter program possible while helping South Florida residents ease commutes and choose more environmentally-friendly options to get around.”

Results from a recent survey of Lime users show that scooters are increasingly being used for commuting. Forty percent of weekday rides occur during the morning and evening rush hours. Additionally, Lime is helping South Florida improve transportation equity through its Lime Access program. With Lime Access, individuals who qualify for city, state or federal low-income programs can receive half-off of scooter rides, helping cities achieve transportation equity goals.  

Lime will also continue to deploy street teams daily to ensure scooters are parked correctly on city sidewalks, out of the path of pedestrians and those with disabilities. The team does routine maintenance and inspections on a daily basis to ensure scooters are safe and functioning at the highest level.

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