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Assembly Required

The story of We Go Assemble’s journey from a small Miami business to one with nationwide aspirations is, much like it’s main offerings, the sum of its parts. One part entrepreneur inspiration, one part hard work and one part, yes, love story.

The Pinecrest-based business, started by Chris Hollant and now run by himself and wife Wendy, tackles the task of assembly– of just about anything. The couple and their 20-plus person team take on everything from IKEA furniture to moves to full-scale closet and kitchen design for clients running from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys.

“To me it was always natural,” says Chris. “My father always told me, ‘If it breaks you’re going to fix it yourself.’ I’ve always been handy, I’ve always done things for myself.” And others. With the growth of online shopping at home retailers such as Amazon, Wayfair and IKEA, Chris found his skills in high demand among friends and family, and soon began expanding to take on new clients. One of those clients was Wendy. On site to install a trampoline in her backyard, the two divorcees bonded over mutual friends and quickly blended not only their lives and families (they have five kids between them) but their business as well.

“Chris would always tell me, ‘You’re so smart and amazing and multi-tasking. Put your talents toward building something for us and something that we love,’” says Wendy, whose design talent was the catalyst behind expansion into full-scale design and installation of closets and kitchens (among others).

Today the two work side-by-side on a variety of projects, helping clients make sense of the assembly process and using client feedback to grow their offerings. When they found themselves getting an influx of calls to install wall-mounted TVs after movers declined to do the task, they upped their services to include a moving option. And when a client saw their kitchen dreams falling through after mismeasurement by a remote consultant, the We Go team stepped in to fix the issue. “We’re there. We’re in the space, taking the measurements,” says Wendy. “The process can be confusing and we’re here to walk our clients through it.”

Growth has been quick. Chris and Wendy are now overseeing about 20 employees, all of whom go through extensive training before entering client homes, and adhere to a strict set of rules set out by the Hollants. “We have kids and we have a house,” says Wendy. “We know how we feel when we let someone into our home.”

Moving forward the pair is looking more and more into sharing their projects via their Instagram videos (starring Chris and featuring Wendy as the voice of their giraffe mascot) and planning for eventual expansion into other areas. “The most important thing is that all of this is done affordably,” says Chris. “So far we’ve had five-star reviews from the people we’ve helped. We work to make our clients very happy.”

For more information on We Go Assemble, please visit wegoassemble.com, or call (786) 482-3934.

Andrea Carneiro
Author: Andrea Carneiro

Andrea Carneiro
the authorAndrea Carneiro
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