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What You Need to Know About Assembly Line Diamonds

Do you know about lab grown diamonds? Lab grown diamonds are man-made diamonds instead of mined out of the earth. Each earth-mined, natural diamond is a unique work of nature’s art. That’s why there are no two natural diamonds alike. Each one with its own characteristics. Lab grown diamonds are mass-produced in diamond factories. 10,000 machines are running 24 hours a day in China alone to produce lab grown diamonds unlike natural diamonds which spend billions of years under pressure and only by volcanic activity is the reason we are able to reach them. That’s what makes them so valuable!

We understand that picking a diamond for your engagement ring is a big decision. For most of us, buying a diamond is a significant financial undertaking and we want to get it right. That’s why we are one of the few jewelers in the county that won’t sell you lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are the most profitable item sold by jewelers everywhere and the least valuable diamond you can ever purchase. When you buy a natural diamond you are making an investment in a resource that you know will retain value. If it’s $20,000 for a natural diamond but $12,000 for a lab grown diamond, you think you saved $8,000 but you really lost $12,000. Anything that can be mass produced will always go down in value- like large screen tv’s.

Short term temptations for pure profitability has encouraged many jewelry retailers to sell expensive synthetic diamonds. What will they say to their customers when lab grown diamonds go the way of synthetic precious stones? The ethical challenge jewelers are facing is short term profit vs. long term integrity.

Have you or are you considering shopping online for your diamond? Big mistake!

No two diamonds are alike regardless of the 4 c’s (carat, color, cut and clarity). If you don’t see the diamond with your own eyes and compare stones you don’t know what you’re actually purchasing. In fact, there’s no way to guarantee that what you think your purchasing isn’t a lab grown diamond! Not only are lab grown diamonds extremely hard to detect, believe it or not the highest grading of diamonds, the GIA, has decided to grade lab grown diamonds and unless you know what to look for on the certificate you can be fooled! They are issuing GIA lab grown diamond certificates strictly because of profitability. This is very confusing to the customer. We have invested in expensive equipment that can detect whether or not your diamonds are natural or grown in a lab. This diamond testing machine provides confidence to both of us. Please, we encourage you to visit our store for more information on this matter and continue to read our articles which will cover other important issues in the jewelry industry.

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