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The Future of the Grove: Regatta Harbour

With the development of Regatta Harbour, the TREO Group has its eyes set on revitalizing the Dinner Key shoreline with more than 100,000 square feet of retail, restaurants and various services. We spoke with TREO Group Principal Eddie Garcia about the unique history of Coconut Grove, the project timeline and the lure of a Top Chef.

TREO Group Principal Eddie Garcia

The Grove obviously has a lot of history in Miami, why is this location appealing from a development perspective?

As the oldest neighborhood in Miami, Coconut Grove has always been known for its rich, deeply rooted history. This highly coveted location created the opportunity for us to develop a waterfront project that links history with new beginnings and will be a critical component to the overall resurgence of the area. Coconut Grove is attractive to locals and tourists with its waterfront setting intertwined with luscious foliage, and quaint restaurants and businesses. It’s community orientation is something that is truly unique only to the Grove.

What initially spurred the project and how long has it been in the works? What is the timeline for completion?

A desire to transform a coveted area in Miami that has been longing for a facelift sparked the project. Designed by Arquitectonica, the delivery for the project is set to unveil in phases. In February, the multi-phase development opened the Regatta Harbour Marina after it faced a $5.5 million overhaul. Parking and retail are the current developments under construction. Following these structures, the historic hangar and restaurants are set to be completed in 2020.

What will be a part of Regatta Harbour from a dining/shopping experience?

Regatta Harbour will offer unique retail and dining experiences for all. From curated chef-ran waterfront restaurants to a dining hall in the historic hangar, there is an experience for everyone. Celebrity chef Jeremy Ford, winner of “Top Chef,” will be opening Afishonado a waterfront dining concept. Specialty stores will occupy tenants that will attract various crowds while complementing the development as well. The vision is to see Coconut Grove return to the once booming community and economy that it once boasted.

How will the project affect the existing businesses in the area and/or work in conjunction with them?

With the goal to revamp the community through the project, the neighborhood will become even more coveted. Attracting visitors from all over the world, local businesses will benefit from the activity that the development attracts. Regatta Harbour serves as a connecting liaison between the community and the people. Where Regatta Harbour will attract visitors, the neighboring community will reap the effects as well.

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