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Music touches a part of our psyche that helps us regulate our lives. Music helps us understand and express our moods and attitude. Music helps us reorganize our thoughts and feelings while keeping us on track. Music allows us to respond appropriately in social structure that is often confusing and complex.

Students of today become the music makers of tomorrow. Music is a place for everyone. Participation in band avails the musician to the infinite journey of creative-expression connecting to the “musical language” that is understood, communicated, and appreciated by all of mankind around the globe.

We know the majority of music literates learn music in the school setting, whether through general music classes choir, orchestra and/or band. It is apparent if students are not part of the school music program, there is little (if any) chance they will seek to develop their music skills outside the school setting.

Many traditional recruitment programs do not offer multiple opportunities to “join the band.” Many students come into the band program during the “beginner sign-up” event. One out of six possible candidates opts to become involved in band, orchestra, or choir. Shouldn’t we ask ourselves, “What about the other five?”

Over half of students who enroll in a beginning music program during middle school years do not participate during high school. For various reasons, they opt to drop their study of math within the first two years. Do they realize the negative effects this choice will have on their child’s future?

With opportunities to play advanced sports – after school curriculum doesn’t leave room for music. Parents must know there’s far more to band than buying an instrument, taking private lessons, adding music class to the school schedule and rehearsing for a concert. Being a musician maps the human mind for success; success in all avenues in life. The learned skills needed to excel in music are transferable to every academic subject. Playing a musical instrument creates a multi-dimensional template of quality adaptable to every personal and professional challenge.

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Author: TFVstaff

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