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Sunday, September 15, 2019
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U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza addresses the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Ralph Gonzalez-Jacobo, Ms. Carranza, Ocean Bank President and CEO Agostinho Alfonso Macedo and Lillian Lopez, president of the chamber.

United States Treasurer Jovita Carranza spoke to business leaders at the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Miami Wednesday. Ocean Bank EVP and Chief Lending Officer Ralph Gonzalez-Jacobo, who also serves as chairman of the chamber, introduced Ms. Carranza, along with chamber President/CEO Lilliam Lopez.

“I’ve gone from learning the value of a dollar to putting my name on it,” Ms. Carranza said, “from cashing checks as a bank teller to being the U.S. Treasurer.”

In Miami as part of her quest to meet with small businesses and hear their views of what the government can do to promote business, she spoke of the government’s efforts to promote financial security and provide incentives to bring the promise of prosperity to people.

Addressing a primarily Hispanic audience, Ms. Carranza spoke of “unleashing Latino-owned business potential” and noted that Latinos will make up 20 percent of business owners by the year 2025.

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