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April 2019: Coral Gables / South Miami / Coconut Grove

As we do each April, we are thrilled to share our 3rd annual Summer Camp Guide with you. From day camps to specialized summer enrichment, we’ve included just about anything your kids could want in a summer experience. As with any new activity, we encourage all of our readers to dive into the information, do their research and ask questions of the camps we’ve profiled here. Summer is a time of fun, but it can also be a time to learn and experience new things, whether it be dance, theater, soccer or STEAM.

In our “Philanthropist” column, we have a special young woman who has gained not just local, but national, attention as the first openly-autistic attorney to pass the bar in Florida. Though this is hardly her first accomplishment, it’s a testament to her hard work and spirit that she continues to push boundaries and clear a path for the next generation of autistic students and professionals. We also dive into the world of CBD in our “5 Questions” feature, where we learn more about the wellness ingredient, the farm behind the product and the variations of quality and potency on the market.

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