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Rosie Cruz-Sotero

The Keyes Company

What’s the biggest change you have seen over the years in the real estate business?

There are actually two significant changes I’ve seen in recent years. One has been the limited access to mortgage loans within the condominium market due to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s guidelines. And the second greatest change I’ve noticed is the mid-level market’s rapid price appreciation and its impact on the buying power of middle class buyers.

What’s your best advice to buyers and best advice to sellers?

My best advice to both buyers and sellers alike relates to the importance of trusting the purchase and sale process, and the market analysis data available. Understanding the market data is key to set the tone for sound decisions on pricing (for sellers) and offer amount/purchase price (for buyers). Equally important is embracing the purchase and sale process, including the appraisal step within the transaction (if applicable). At times I find buyers and sellers get stuck on a price they anticipate may not be in sync with appraisal results. My advice to them: let the appraisal process take its course and guide any re-negotiation, if needed.

What three things are most important in being a successful agent?

Setting and managing the expectations of all parties involved in a transaction; being accessible and responsive; and providing buyers and sellers with the necessary guidance needed to make informed decisions.

What do you see as the up-and-coming neighborhoods for 2019?

Some of the trending up-and-coming neighborhoods I’ve noticed include Coral Terrace (east of 67th Ave between Coral Way & Bird Road), Darlington Manor, Heftler Homes/Blue Lake, Shenandoah, Silver Bluff, and Grapeland Heights.

What are buyers looking for today that they weren’t in past years?

The majority of today’s buyers either don’t have the time, or don’t want to carve out the time, to tackle certain repairs or updates. Most of today’s buyers, within a specific price point, expect the home to be equipped with features including impact windows, a good roof and/or updated plumbing.

Being an agent is a tough, 24/7 job. What keeps you motivated and inspires your passion for your work?

We may not realize the importance of real estate until we rely on it to help us through crucial decisions. Knowing that I can impact the lives of those experiencing a life-changing event drives my passion to continue doing what I love. Above all, recognizing how blessed I am with health, family and my clients’ gratitude is the best motivational source of all.

Andrea Carneiro
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Andrea Carneiro
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