Monday, January 21, 2019
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Property Insurance Experts Warn Property Owners to Review Their Hurricane Coverage

Property insurance attorneys Alvarez, Feltman & Da Silva, PL provide expert advice throughout 2018 hurricane season

As the Eastern Border of the US braces for a severe Hurricane, and we are in the midst of the busiest time of the 2018 hurricane season, Coral Gables top insurance law firm, Alvarez, Feltman & Da Silva are advising all South Florida property owners to review their insurance coverage.

“Although, thankfully, it seems the storms out in the Atlantic will miss Florida this time, hurricane season is not over yet, and we are now in the most active time of the season,” said Benjamin Alvarez, founding partner of Alvarez, Feltman & Da Silva (AFD). “It is important South Florida property owners review their property insurance to ensure that the necessary clauses are included for coverage for damage suffered during a storm.”

The firm’s attorneys, who are experts in insurance disputes, has begun preparations for the 2018 hurricane season plan on laying out practical measures for South Florida residents and business owners to take throughout the hurricane season, which begins today.

There are now four named storms in the Atlantic, with a fifth one possibly around the corner, which could cause significant damage to property. This doesn’t take into account the torrential rains and winds for which South Florida is famous.

AFD, a prominent South Florida law firm dedicated to representing individuals and businesses in all types of litigation, has developed one of South Florida’s preeminent first-party insurance litigation departments, representing thousands of home and business owners against their insurance carriers.

To prepare for the busiest time of the 2018 hurricane season, the firm urges Miami residents and businesses to take precautions. Property owners should ensure they have building code approved hurricane shutters, install hurricane straps or clips, install head and foot bolts on doors, install anchors and pre-drill holes for the plywood.

Homeowners should also keep all receipts of jewelry, electronics, or collectibles, and create waterproof lists of all contents of drawers and cabinets. All Miami residents should assess property prior to hurricane season and ensure landscaping and trees do not become hazardous. AFD recommends taking pictures and video of the property and keeping the information in a safe place. In the event of a storm, AFD emphasizes the importance of being proactive with insurance claims throughout the South Florida hurricane season.

AFD urges home and business owners to contact their firm’s lawyers with any questions regarding the upcoming hurricane season. The firm is fully bilingual in English and Spanish, and offers free consultations. The principals of AFD are available for interviews in English and Spanish with important information on how home and business owners can prepare their properties for their upcoming hurricane season as well as information for the public on what clauses their property insurance should include in order to ensure coverage from damage due to a storm.

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