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Aging With the Right Mindset

Reaching 40 is not always easy to assume. Many changes are heading your way. Some of those changes can be at home or at work, but most changes affect your body. However, there is no need to worry, this should not lead to a mid-life crisis.

Maryland-based Dr. Kathryn Boling says that, on average, people gain as many as 15 pounds between the ages of 40 and 55. She says it’s partly because of a decrease in metabolism. It goes hand and hand with muscle loss. Because you lose muscle tissue at a rate of up to five percent per year starting at age 30, by age 40 your resting metabolism drops which results in your body burning less calories.

But don’t panic, there are things you can do to minimize this condition and avoid muscle mass loss and weight gain in your forties.According to Dr. Frank Lipman, there are ways to build muscle, and in turn, burn calories, no matter what your age. By exercising, eating plenty of organic protein and taking supplements, you can ward off weight gain. However, the truth is, most people simply don’t know how to get a good workout. Even if they go to the gym regularly, they end up getting frustrated because they don’t have the support and the know-how to get the results they want. But there is a solution for this as well: getting customized workouts with a clear focus on your goals and results. That is why Fitness Together exits.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone and tighten muscles, or simply achieve better health, the FT philosophy is simple: Fitness Together pairs you with a personal trainer in a private setting and gives you a workout plan tailored to your needs. You will start with a thorough consultation to understand the shape you are in now and where you want to be in the future. Their team of expert trainers will build a customized program specific to your needs, accommodating any injuries or limitations you may have and helping build muscle mass, raise your metabolism and set nutrition guidelines.

Certified personal trainers will be there to guide you through each movement of the workout, ensuring proper form to prevent injury and maximize results. We will monitor your progress by performing an evaluation every six weeks, adjusting your program as you get closer to reaching your goals.

Fitness Together will make sure you strengthen every muscle, including the most important one: your heart! Combined with the expertise of FT’s personal trainers, Cardio Together is yet another tool to help you meet and exceed your health and fitness goals. The strength training and cardio program goes hand in hand with proper nutrition. Their science-based nutrition program, Nutrition Together provides the perfect complement to your training program. Created exclusively for Fitness Together by award-winning registered dietician Dr. Janet Brill, Nutrition Together isn’t about dieting or expensive supplements. It’s about giving you the knowledge to achieve sustainable behavioral change.

What to expect when you step inside in a FT studio?

  1. No distractions, no waiting for equipment.
  2. All workouts take place in a private, comfortable atmosphere.
  3. Personal trainers help you use equipment safely.
  4. Education on proper techniques to help achieve maximum results.

This unique and personalized training experience helps you devote all your attention and energy to your workout. You stay focused, motivated and energized, while achieving results far beyond your expectations.

Call for a free consultation today, at 305.665.3694, and the Fitness Together Team will be ready to guide you through your process of improving your health, keeping a high metabolism and managing your weight.

Author: TFVstaff

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