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2018 Top 10 Boat Names Released

BoatUS decodes each boat name and what it may reveal about the owner

Boat names can reveal a lot about the personality, passion and life experiences of a boat owner. This year, BoatUS decoded the most popular boat names ordered through its online boat graphics and lettering service at BoatUS.com/BoatGraphics, producing a revealing list of the Top 10 Boat Names of 2018.

  1. GraceThis name reflects the elegant and tranquil qualities of the boat, oftentimes owned by someone seeking peace through boating.
  2. FreedomA patriot to its core, this boat symbolizes the meaning of freedom in all senses of the word: freedom to explore, freedom to dream and freedom to discover the world by water being most important.
  3. Seas the DayWhile this boat owner may feel a loss of control over a declining retirement account, he or she is completely in charge while boating and intends to get the most out of the boating lifestyle.
  4. TherapyCapitalizing on all the joys boating has to offer, this name takes into account the healing nature that boating provides its owner.
  5. Second WindThis boat is perhaps owned by parents constantly yearning for that second boost of energy in life. Spending time with their boat gives them rejuvenation despite the craziness of being mom or dad.
  6. SerenityBorn out of the “hippie era,” this name illustrates peacefulness in both the boat and the owner. Simply explained, this boat owner is completely untroubled while out on the water.
  7. PerseveranceA relentless vehicle that never stops exploring, this boat likely has more than 10 years on it with a few dents and scratches but also holds countless memories of good times.
  8. Rum RunnerA party boat by nature, this boat often hosts big personalities and guarantees a good time with laughs galore.
  9. Knot on CallThe moment a boater steps onto this boat, his or her responsibilities are left at the dock. The owner enjoys and encourages leaving worries behind and fully immersing in the boating experience.
  10. Pura VidaMore than just a Costa Rican saying meaning “pure life,” it reflects a way of everyday living by example – one that thrives on no worries, no fuss and no stress.

The BoatUS Boat Graphics and Lettering service offers a free library of more than 9,000 boat names and also allows boaters to easily custom design their own boat lettering or graphics through an easy-to-use online design tool. For more information, visit www.BoatUS.com/Graphics.



The following names were voted most humorous boat names of 2018 by the editors of BoatUS Magazine:

  1. Shenanigans – Good or bad, they’re obviously up to something.
  2. Reel Nauti – The ultimate play on words in the marine dictionary.
  3. Flounder Pounder – Let’s see the proof, buddy!
  4. Kale Yeah – Clearly owned by a proud health nut.
  5. Shaken Not Stirred – They know what we like!
  6. Ship Happens – We can all relate to this one, can’t we?
  7. Bite Me – Ferocious on land – on the water, too?
  8. Mojo Risin’ – Stepping onto that boat instantly increases any boater’s mojo.
  9. Jolly Toots – Not quite sure what this means, but it’s fun to say!
  10. Penny Pincher – Someone may have named his or her boat too quickly after buying it.

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About BoatUS: Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) is the nation’s leading advocate, services and safety group for recreational boaters. We are the Boat Owners Auto Club and provide our more than half-million members with a wide array of helpful services, including 24-hour on-water towing that gets you safely home when your boat won’t, will bring you fuel if you run out, jumpstart your dead battery, or provide a gentle pull after you’ve run aground. The TowBoatUS towing fleet is North America’s largest network of towing ports with more than 300 locations and over 600 red towing assistance vessels, responding to over 70,000 requests for assistance each year. The BoatUS App makes it easy to summon water and road assistance 24/7, and can speed response times (BoatUS.com/App). For more information go to BoatUS.com/Towing.

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