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Your Neighborhood Orthodontist

With the one-year anniversary of Pinecrest Orthodontics approaching, Dr. Victoria Rothman is already well underway to becoming Pinecrest’s neighborhood orthodontist.

The Miami Beach native and Ransom Everglades alumna headed north for her bachelors and dental degrees but returned to her South Florida roots for her orthodontic residency, and has been creating beautiful South Florida smiles ever since. And, in f

act, it’s her dedication to and love for her own community that has helped Dr. Rothman grow her practice over the past year, inspiring her to work with community schools to support local students in and out of the classroom.“For me, it’s a win-win,” says Dr. Rothman, who has two young children of her own. “Education is so important and our schools are tremendously underfunded, so I knew if I was going to work with the community I wanted it to be through the schools.”

Dr. Rothman’s connection to local schools began with her own son’s entrance into Palmetto Elementary, a match that spurred her to sponsor events within the school and led her to other Carnivals, Fairs, and Career Days, where she has not only donated financially but on-site as an educator as well. Dr. Rothman was also inspired by her interactions with parents around town, realizing that many of her patients were local students. “I started to meet a lot of parents who wanted to bring their children to my office as we’re right near Palmetto Elementary, Middle and High schools,” she says. “It’s great to be so close and to be a true neighborhood practice.”

Dr. Rothman is also supporting her patients via her office décor, populating her then-empty walls with artwork from local schools. Her first piece, bought at a Temple Bet Shira art auction, was created by her son’s pre-K class at the temple’s school and featured a heart created by each child with their name inside it. “I invited all the kids, and the parents and the teachers to come by and see it and they loved it; they thought it was the greatest thing to see their piece hanging in my office,” says Dr. Rothman. From there she continued her collecting, reaching out to schools and creating a project with the Palmetto Middle School advanced art class and attaining a piece from the Pinecrest Elementary Carnival auction. Her love of kid’s art has also inspired talent from within her own office. “Two of my patients are really into art and one brought me a canvas with a tooth on it, so I was thrilled to display it,” says Dr. Rothman, who had plaques made to give credit to her artists. “Another patient brought two pieces that she did specifically for the office and those have been hung up as well. It really adds so much to the family feel of the office.”

Other new additions in her office include a photo booth to showcase patients’ new braces or Invisalign treatment and beautiful smiles during and after orthodontic treatment. The office has also started contests for patients, such as a coloring contest for National Dental Health month, with the winners receiving movie tickets and other prizes and announced via her practice’s Facebook page. “We always want to create a very warm and welcoming environment,” says Dr. Rothman. “Patients are so important to us, and we take pride in helping and being a part of the community.”

Dr. Rothman is the owner and orthodontist at Pinecrest Orthodontics, located in the Dixie Belle Shops at 12197 S. Dixie Highway in Pinecrest, FL. PH: 305.423.4130, pinecrestortho.com. Please call today for a complimentary initial orthodontic consultation.

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