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The First Ever Mac and Cheese Eatery in Miami Opens

After two years of phenomenal food truck success, die-hard celebrity fans, and over 31K Instagram followers, the World Famous House of Mac opens its first ever free-standing restaurant in South Beach, Miami on Friday, Dec. 2nd.

Known for their unique spin on traditional cuisine, owner Derrick Turton, also known as “Chef Teach”, whips up succulent delights like jerk salmon pasta, fried chicken & pumpkin spice waffles, and his signature World Famous Mac & Cheese.

“Chef Teach” Derrick Turton

Since World Famous House of Mac’s inception in 2015, Teach could be spotted in his mobile food truck bearing his trademark logo, delivering his irresistible dishes at the Wynwood Yard in South Florida. The mac and cheese-centric eatery took Miami’s dining scene to exciting new heights as fans lined around for blocks to sample the mouthwatering mixed-style Caribbean soul-food. His elaborate Caribbean flair has enticed locals and celebrities alike to claim Chef Teach as their “go-to guy” for catering events.

Teach attended culinary school in 1998, but began his professional career in the music industry – he managed Pitbull for more than 13 years while working alongside other hip-hop royalty such as A$AP Rocky and Yo Gotti. During his time in the music industry, Teach developed friendships with artists such as N.O.R.E. and Fat Joe in and out of the studio. Next thing you know, he often found himself cooking amazing dishes for his friends.

After devouring Teach’s decadent variations of mac and cheese and discovering his unsurpassed culinary talent, friends like Bun B encouraged Teach to “take the cooking thing more seriously.” Bun B convinced Teach to prepare some of his signature dishes for his guests and observe their reactions, just to show Teach how good he really was.

Then after his father’s passing in 2013, Teach felt an immense urge to do something meaningful with his life, inspiring him to take his friends’ advice, circle back to his culinary roots, and build his legacy as “Chef Teach.” In honor of his beloved father, Teach designed a caricature of his father’s face, which is now the renowned World Famous Mac and Cheese logo.

Celebrities like Rick Ross, Serena Williams, NORE, Yo Gatti, Fat Joe and A$AP Mob are huge fans of Chef Teach’s scrumptious dishes. The coolest recognition yet? According to Teach himself, the Venus and Serena Williams Invitational was amongst his biggest and most prestigious events thus far.

World Famous House of Mac top picks include the World-Famous Five Cheese Truffle Mac, pizza mac, lobster mac, and the buttermilk fried chicken with waffles. With pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan options, everyone can find delicious dishes to devour.

Located in the in the heart of South Beach at 1216 Washington Ave in Miami Beach, World Famous House of Mac is an up-beat restaurant designed with rich, rustic wood treatments and oversized leather banquets, giving the space a relaxed speakeasy vibe with vintage, industrial flair. The ambiance and chef-driven comfort food places World Famous House of Mac amongst Miami’s most popular dining spots.

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Last modified: February 16, 2018