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Jahn M. Kirchoff, Deli Lane Cafe & Sunset Tavern

Jahn M. Kirchoff
Deli Lane Cafe & Sunset Tavern


Education/Background: University of Michigan/University of Miami

What first inspired your love of food/cooking?

I have always loved creating with my hands. When I needed a job in college I got myself hired with no experience, spinning pizzas at a busy local Italian restaurant. The rest, as they say, is history.

Who (or what) has had the most influence on your passion for owning a restaurant?

When I made my way to Miami in the mid 70s I opened, and then became the kitchen manager/chef of, Kelly’s Seafood in Kendall. Paul Silver, the owner, was a huge influence and seafood is still my favorite cuisine to prepare.

What are you most proud of in your career as a chef/restaurant owner?

The thousands of kids that have worked with me through all these years. There are those who have gone on to wonderful careers who learned the meaning of hard work right here, and we have many who found their bliss staying right here with us. Secondly, my friend and business partner of 30 years, Mike Maler.

What is your favorite thing to cook on your day off?

Anything on the outdoor grill as I look over the lake out my backyard!

If you weren’t in the food business what would you be doing?

Working at YES Institute, a non-profit right here in Coral Gables. I have been on the board for twenty years. What they are up to is the stuff of real inspiration.

What do you see coming up as the next big food trend in 2018?

My wife Christie is a Nurse/Nutritionist who has been a huge influence on us regarding the real impact our diets have on our overall health. We have instituted our Fit Life selections as part of our regular menu thanks to her guidance.

Deli Lane & Sunset Tavern is located at 7230 SW 59th Ave, Miami, FL 33143. 305 665 0606. delilane.com

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