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Planning on Indulging During the Holidays?

Yes, it’s okay! As the holidays approach, we get lots of advice on how to survive the season. With all the commitments and events, many of us are not only subject to the stress of running from one place to the next, but we are tempted by delicious food, alcohol, and desserts (of all of the above, the latter is my main weakness).

While most advice centers around “get some sleep, avoid the flours and sugars and eat your veggies,” this is not necessarily realistic. Depriving ourselves in this season of sharing is not enticing and ends up costing us some fun. While I can’t suggest that you forget your diet or not take care of yourself, I do believe that spending time with friends and family is there to be cherished for reasons that are obvious. And while it could cost us that glow, there are things we can do in the meantime while being in the flow.

For example, if you want to drink alcohol, then make sure you compensate by drinking at least an equal amount of water or hydrating yourself in other ways. If you like sweets, most Thanksgiving dinner tables have dark chocolates and fruits that can be added to the equation so that you still land on your feet. In my experience, vegetables and fruits have such a positive effect on our body that they can help us balance those unhealthy meals. Maybe you can eat healthier in the morning and throughout the day, so you can counteract the night indulgences. Last but not least, make sure you apply a good moisturizer, appropriate for your skin, which will create a smooth base for makeup and keep your skin healthy and happy as you take those pictures… however, don’t forget to cleanse at night.

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Author: TFVstaff

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