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Top 9 Food Trends for Holiday 2017

Courtesy of Chef Michael Jacobs, CEO/Director of Culinary, The Hidden Kitchen & Pink Tiki by Strategic Hospitality Group, Miami LLC

  1. Middle Eastern Starters Offer guests the option to top their vegetables with various types of Hummus and take inspiration from Afghan, Syrian and Persian foods.vegetarian-vegan-restaurant-london-2
  2. Detoxing Jacobs suggest looking to all-natural cocktails for a quick party upgrade by mixing in plant-based sweeteners, cold-pressed juices, coconut water and other mixers.
  3. Cauliflower It’s Cauliflower everything according to Jacobs. From steaks to casseroles to risotto and other rice dishes, it’s the go-to vegetable of 2018.
  4. Healing Spices Turmeric, known for it’s calming and healing properties (it’s been said to relieve Arthritis pain and inflammation) is a key ingredient to look for in 2018, along with Cinnamon and black pepper. Jacobs suggests giving your brunch menu a kick by adding it to coffee drinks and/or breakfast smoothies.
  5. Indoor Grilling Bring the party –and the cooking—inside with a new batch of hi-tech indoor flat top grills. Grill everything from kabobs and steaks to tuna tataki, with little to no mess.
  6. Return of the Egg “Eggs are making a huge comeback,” says Jacobs, who suggests topping hashes, noodle dishes, sandwiches and everything in between with the fridge staple. Want to really wow your guests? Go for the Instagram-worthy “cloud eggs.” (Google it.)
  7. Colorful Noodles Log onto Amazon and order up your Spiralizer, because zucchini and squash are quickly replacing the traditional pasta noodle. Go hot or cold and top with a peanut sauce or raw cashew “cream” sauce says Jacobs.brisket
  8. Brisket For the Win Jacobs sees brisket making a huge comeback in smoked, rubbed and slow roasted recipes. “It’s not your Grandma’s roasted Brisket anymore- it’s spiced, rubbed, marinated and slowly smoked and cooked,” says Jacobs. “The it’s sliced and served as a main course or sandwich, or serve it cut up and pair it with the fried egg for a great hash.”
  9. Ramen Crazy Ramen of all sorts is extremely popular. Think bone marrow broth with roast pork, Soft boiled eggs, handmade flour noodles and even pickled bamboo shoots. Jacobs says pairing the noodles with healthy Broths can add health benefits and take the college favorite to new heights.
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Last modified: October 2, 2017