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Mix it Up

Wondering if your bar is up to par? We spoke with Lance Goldberg, Area Supervisor for Crown Wine & Spirits about what to add, what to serve and what to gift when you’re the lucky guest.

So, for the uneducated, what is a spirit and what types of spirits should everyone have in their home bar?

At its simplest, a spirit is a distilled alcoholic beverage. So it can be anything from scotch to bourbon or even triple sec. I would say everyone should try to have at least one bottle from each spirit category if they’re building a home bar. Beyond that, scotch is an incredibly popular spirit right now.

When it comes to gifts, is there one particular thing to remember when buying for other people?crown-gift

The great thing about Crown is that you’re always going to be greeted by a knowledgeable team member, so it’s really about what the recipient likes. What do they prefer to drink? How do they like to drink it? From there we can guide customers to the right place. We also do great gift baskets that are all hand made.

What about price? Does more expensive mean better?

Price is not always the determining factor of quality. Quality is subjective. There are great scotches that are $30 and great scotches that are $30,000.

What are some other trends in the spirit world?

The resurgence of the cocktail! People got used to going out and spending $15-$20 for a martini or and old-fashioned. Now, people are not as into that, they’re making more cocktails at home and getting creative with it. Beer is another growing category. I would say 75 percent of our cooler doors are now focused on micro- and local breweries like [Miami-based] Funky Buddha. We’ve taken a big interest in craft beers, they’re fresh and vibrant and Miami has some great brewers!

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Last modified: October 2, 2017