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Fighting the Bite Fight

When it comes to pests in South Florida, many contend for the title of the worst. Whilst some may be focused on how to get rid of pigeons, there are few as loathed as the mosquito. Terrorizing residents everywhere from schoolyards to the backyard, the lowly insect strikes fear (and welts) in the hearts of just about all Miamians. Enter Mosquito Joe.

The nationwide company (they boast franchises across the country) took its place in South Florida three years ago thanks to business partners Yoel Gutierrez and Omar Sanchez, who were inspired to leave their former careers after a chance encounter with the Mosquito Joe opportunity. “I went to visit my mother in Georgia and her neighbor had purchased a Mosquito Joe franchise,” says Gutierrez. “I started looking at the business and it was something that always bothered us – my wife gets bitten all the time.”

The appeal for the partners was the singular focus on mosquito control, an area of pest control that has gained popularity among other pest control companies, similar to Pest Control Expert (https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/) over the past decade. “A lot of the pest control companies are trying to get into mosquito control, but that’s the only thing we do, that’s what we focus on,” says Gutierrez. “Omar and I employ a team of experienced technicians dedicated to making outdoor spaces for residential and commercial properties mosquito-free.” They do that by employing everything from a 30-minute barrier spray (it kills mosquitoes on contact and bonds to foliage, which gives it a 3 week lifespan) to all-natural solutions, which repel the mosquitos and requires a 14-day spraying cycle. Also growing in popularity are the company’s misting systems, which release a misting spray several times daily. “All our technicians are licensed and trained in mosquito control treatment applications and are a great resource for specific concerns you have about your yard,” says Gutierrez.

Unlike other companies, Mosquito Joe works in a non-contractual capacity, a benefit that appeals to many customers according to the owners. “You can start and finish your service whenever you wish, although we suggest to continue the service year round so the mosquito population does not have a chance to regain its numbers,” says Gutierrez, who has worked with venues and locations such as Tropical Park, Shops at Sunset Place and Wayside Market. Typical service revolves around three-week cycles, but the company also offers one-time special event sprays for outdoor parties and events. They can also easily put accounts on hold for homeowners who leave town.

Families are particularly interested in the service, say the owners, because of the company’s dedication to EPA approved products. “All we ask is that any animals and children be out of the way while we spray and then stay out of the area 30 minutes or so after the treatment so that it can dry,” explains Gutierrez.

In the end all of the company’s offerings come together as one simple goal: “We’re trying to relieve the stress of going outside for families and children.”

Protect Yourself

Wondering how to escape the wrath of the mosquito. Here are some tips from Guiterrez and Sanchez on how to keep yourself bite-free this summer.

  • Be water aware. According to the owners the primary source of Miami’s bite comes courtesy of Aedes Aegypti–a container breeder. That means the insects can breed in anything that holds even just a tablespoon of water. “We’ll treat a yard and then it will inevitably rain and new water will collect in toys or planters and create a breeding ground,” says Gutierrez.
  • Clean your yard. Regularly checking for standing water can save time, money and itching. Sanchez and Gutierrez advise checking everything from pots to outdoor toys and making sure they are drained and clean.
    Go for the gutters. Rain gutters can be a main source for mosquito breeding, so giving them a look is time well-spent. “Every one of those little ridges holds water in the bottom and no one ever tips them over. Those are always full of mosquito larvae.”
  • Beware of the Bromeliad. Even the flowers and plants in your yard can be a danger. Gutierrez points to Bromeliads as a major offender as they “hold a ton of water!” He advises hosing them down once a day to replace standing water with fresh water.
    Go light. Stick to long-sleeves and light-colored clothing when relaxing outdoors to keep bites at bay.

For more information about how Mosquito Joe can help you, Please call 786-516-2488 or visit southmiami.mosquitojoe.com.

Andrea Carneiro
Author: Andrea Carneiro

Andrea Carneiro
the authorAndrea Carneiro
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