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5 Questions With…Capillus

Doral may be experiencing a rush of attention (think CityPlace and those Instagrammable Bocas House desserts) but the owners of Capillus knew the benefits of the city before it became a popular destination for South Floridians. The company, which provides information and innovative hair loss treatments for men and women, moved into their Doral space two years ago and has watched the area grow and evolve since. We sat down with We sat down with the company’s owners to to talk city benefits, laser hair treatments and their latest groundbreaking treatment.

What year did you establish Capillus and why did you choose to do so in Doral?capillus1

Capillus was founded in October 2012, and we moved to our present day 25,000 square foot location in Doral to expand our manufacturing facilities in May of 2015. We are a family owned-and-operated business with roots in Miami for more than 50 years, so operating outside of Miami was never an option for us, especially considering Miami’s evolvement into an international business hub.

The city of Doral has come a very long way in a very short time, and we recognized an opportunity to positively contribute to the community’s growth in the business sector. It’s a really exciting time to be doing business in Doral.

How have you seen the area evolve and what has been the biggest benefit of being in the area?

Doral has evolved into a really dynamic and energetic community over the past several years. The flourishing downtown has been a great asset for us– there are an abundance of dining and entertainment options available for meetings with prospective clients. Plus, we’re centrally located to the airport, which is pivotal for us for distribution purposes. Doral’s central location also affords us the ability to attract the greatest pool of employees from the Miami-Dade and Broward County area because people are drawn to the thriving community.

How did the business come about and what was your first product/idea?

We first came to learn about lasers while providing marketing services for Dr. Bernard Nusbaum ­ an internationally renowned hair transplant surgeon based in Miami. Through our work with him, we developed an interest in laser hair therapy and realized that there was an opportunity to create a product better than what currently existed in the market; something that met the highest quality and regulatory standards, was effective, and that physicians could trust.

The Capillus 272 laser cap was our first product. From there, we developed two new models at different price points, and then expanded into a line of clinical hair therapy products including shampoos, keratin fibers, and minoxidil.

Tell me a little about your laser cap and why it¹s so revolutionary in the industry?

Capillus laser caps are the the world’s first, clinically-proven, FDA-cleared laser cap to treat hair loss. Our caps are more discreet, eliminating the “shame factor” typically associated with hair loss treatment, and reasonable in price comparable to more cumbersome laser combs, helmets and domes in the market.

When will the laser cap be available for OTC purchase and where will it be sold?

Capillus laser therapy devices are currently available on Amazon.com and select salons and retailers, in addition to our website, capillus.com

Andrea Carneiro
Author: Andrea Carneiro

Andrea Carneiro
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