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“Man’s best friend” deserves more than processed foods and ingredients that cause allergies and disease. In a day when many people are trying to choose organic, healthy foods for their families, Your Pet’s Best makes it convenient to provide the same high quality products for your beloved pets.

Although he has worked with the company since he was a teenager, Billy Garner purchased Your Pet’s Best in 2013 and moved it to its current location this past November. Specializing in holistic food, supplements, treats, toys and other miscellaneous items, Garner prides himself on carrying top quality products. “I am very strict with ingredients,” Garner promises, adding that “nothing [in his store] is made in China.” A glance at ingredient lists will show products free of corn, wheat, soy and animal byproducts. “[These ingredients] cause allergies and digestion problems,” explains Garner. “Dogs and cats biologically can’t digest [them], but they are very cheap.” While many well-known brands will use these “fillers” to drive down the cost of their products, Garner sticks by his motto of “Spend more on food and you’ll spend less at the vet.” Garner also warns that “even vet prescription brands pushed by many veterinarians just aren’t good for animals.”

Some signs that your dog or cat may be suffering from allergies include:

  • Chewing or licking of paws;
  • Hotspots or redness on stomach or under area;
  • Loss of hair in patches;
  • Scabbing of skin; and
  • Frequent ear infections.

If you see your pet is suffering, Garner recommends a few simple solutions to try to remedy their allergies. “Try to stick with only one protein source in your [pet’s] diet,” he says. “This will make the process of ‘trial and error’ easier on the owner.” Garner also advises to try to stay away from any poultry protein source. “Chicken is the most common protein allergy for dogs and cats,” he warns. A last tip is to limit the amount of grain your furry friend intakes. “Dogs and cats are not designed to have grain in their daily diet and therefore do not process it the same way humans do,” cautions Garner.

For other specific issues, or just to promote the overall health of your pet, Your Pet’s Best can help you select the best products for your pet. “We are not veterinarians and do not prescribe,” says Garner, so he advises customers to “consult with your vet.” However, “using the knowledge we have gained from hands on experience with customers and their pets, we help outline the best possible plan of action to achieve the best quality of life for you and your pet,” Garner promises.

In addition to their holistic products, Your Pet’s Best makes shopping easier than ever. With their delivery service, customers can call the store, place an order, and have it delivered the same day. No minimum is required and delivery is free for residents in Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay. Delivery is also available in surrounding areas for a small fee.

You can contact Your Pet’s Best at 305.252.0050, yourpetsbest@gmail.com, Facebook.com/petsbestmiami, or visit the store at 8425 SW 132 Street in Pinecrest.

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Last modified: September 5, 2014