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Music: An Important Part of Every Child’s Life

Summer is almost over. The summer parades –  floats, horses, fire trucks, clown bands and marching bands – will soon be a thing of the past. And then, school will start. Our children will be rushing into the classrooms to see their friends – laughter and fun begins. But what classes did they register for? Is band one of them?

Music is an important part of every child’s life. But few children have the chance or take the opportunity to learn the language of music, to read it, to feel it, to play it. Your child has that opportunity this Fall as they start back to school. Class schedules can be changed, and it is never too late!

Band is unlike anything your child has done before. It gives them experiences they will remember throughout their lives. There are people that believe band is for “nerds,” but this can’t be further from the truth. Athletes, honor society members, and other student leaders, join a school band each year and learn valuable life lessons.

Band is both an individual and group activity. Alone, practicing music is hard and rewarding. But together, with other band members, magic happens and music is made. Music is one of the few academic disciplines that involve multiple forms of learning, while building positive self-esteem and worth. Just listening to music is enjoyable, but playing it is even better! Participating in band gives all children the chance to be part of a team. There is always 100% involvement and commitment. There is no “second string” or “sitting on the bench.” Everyone takes part in the success!

Skills gained through music instruction include discipline and the ability to analyze, problem solve, communicate, and work cooperatively with others. Students who participate in school bands are less likely to be involved with drugs or alcohol.
Why Encourage your Child to join Band?

A child who learns to perform music develops an entirely new dimension in their life. Music is the universal language, and after band, children will have a whole new perspective for music and teamwork. They will appreciate its value and the time commitment to make music.
There is no time like the present to learn music and join the school band – whether it’s elementary, middle or high school. Give the gift of music to your children – whether the instrument is purchased or leased, it is a gift that will last a lifetime.

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President/Publisher of The Florida Villager

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President/Publisher of The Florida Villager
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