Friday, February 15, 2019
School News

Planning for School Days

Now that school is back in session, getting back into the routine can be hard. The mornings are the worst…the stress, the rush, the MADNESS!  Don’t you wish you could have an “I Dream of Jeanne” moment, nod your head, blink your eyes and “poof” everyone is dressed, fed and ready to go?

Planning ahead is key.  The night before work/school, plan out everything.

Here are some ways that you can plan ahead to avoid the madness of the mornings:

Organize clothing:
Lay out your child’s clothes for school so that they don’t wander around wondering what to wear. If your child is opinionated about their clothing, and they don’t have to wear a uniform, this will help with the fighting first thing in the morning.

Pack lunches:
All dry foods (like chips, cookies, etc.) can go straight into the lunch boxes. Place drinks and sandwiches in the refrigerator for easy access in the morning.  If you plan to send something hot, place the Thermos containers by the microwave to remind yourself to do that first when you get to the kitchen.

Make sure all backpacks are packed and ready.  You can actually sit them in front of the door so that the kids can’t miss them on the way out.

Plan breakfast:
If you really rush in the mornings, plan breakfast the night before too. If your child eats cereal in the morning, you can place dry cereal in the bowls and store them in the refrigerator over night. You can set up your coffee maker with your coffee the night before and place your mug next to it too.

Here’s hoping your new school year is off to an organized and stress free start!

Brooke Bloom Lam