Monday, November 19, 2018

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Ask the Expert

Property Insurance Experts Warn Property Owners to Review Their Hurricane Coverage

As the Eastern Border of the US braces for a severe Hurricane, and we are in the midst of the busiest time of the 2018 hurricane season, Coral Gables top insurance law firm, Alvarez, Feltman & Da Silva are advising...

In the Community

5 Questions With…Hamilton Jones

With hurricane season upon us, many South Floridians are taking a closer look at an important aspect of hurricane prep: their insurance coverage. As a longtime insurance professional (a third generation agent, it literally runs in his family), Hamilton Jones...

In the CommunityPinecrest

All for One

For most South Floridians, insurance can be the bane of their existence. Alongside common protective measures such as auto and life insurance, region-centric worries (think hurricanes, flooding and wind) can pile on almost in an instant. It’s in those moments...