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Ask the Expert

Property Insurance Experts Warn Property Owners to Review Their Hurricane Coverage

As the Eastern Border of the US braces for a severe Hurricane, and we are in the midst of the busiest time of the 2018 hurricane season, Coral Gables top insurance law firm, Alvarez, Feltman & Da Silva are advising...

Business Spotlight

Against the Wind

Behind the scenes at Layze Systems is a study in not just design, but engineering. The Miami-based company produces outdoor accessories such as pergolas, awnings and fences for discerning clients, but the true draw for most (especially in South Florida)...

In the Community

5 Questions With…Hamilton Jones

With hurricane season upon us, many South Floridians are taking a closer look at an important aspect of hurricane prep: their insurance coverage. As a longtime insurance professional (a third generation agent, it literally runs in his family), Hamilton Jones...