Monday, December 10, 2018


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Straight Talk with Dr. Victoria Rothman, Orthodontist

It’s hard to believe but summer will soon be over, and back to school time is rapidly approaching! Summer is a great time for traveling, camp, catching up on rest, and of course… getting braces! If your dentist has recommended...


7 Excellent Rules for Fat-Loss

If you're truly ready to reduce body fat, you can't go about it haphazardly. You need to “exorcise” the anything-goes attitude and adhere to seven rules that will make your fat-burning attempts wildly successful. What are those rules? let’s find...


Skin Care and Mental Health

Recently I noticed many of my clients were going through life changing circumstances such as divorce, losses and the like. Questions about their appearance and weight resulted from these circumstances, but most importantly, they had a direct impact on how...

Business Spotlight

Feeling the Vibe

These days it seems like there’s a workout for everyone. Something for the core fanatics, for the time-strapped, for the one who needs personal attention, for the easily bored… But what if there was one workout that covered all of...

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