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Pinecrest, FL

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April 2018 Pinecrest • Palmetto Bay Edition

It’s hard to believe, but summer camp is fast approaching. Lucky for us, South Florida has a wide variety of camps for kids of all ages to choose from. This year our annual camp guide features everything from sports camps...


8th Annual Bike Run Walk

On Saturday, March 10th, Dr. Larry Feldman celebrated his 8th Annual “Bike.Run.Walk” event at Pinecrest Community Center. This event was organized by the District 9 Office in collaboration with the Village of Pinecrest. The 2018 Bike.Run.Walk featured an information fair...


Luxury With A Personal Touch

The South Florida home market has more than its share of luxury homes, but for the father-son team at the helm of Pinecrest-based Canterbury Homes, it’s all about quality over quantity. Founded in 1987 by Louis Gaines, the construction company...


The Queen of the Marketplace

If you live in South Florida, it’s most likely you’ve been a part of a Pinecrest Marketplace sale. The invite-only Facebook group and sister website has grown to almost 20,000 members since its inception, brokering deals for everything from clothing...


Love is in the (Pinecrest) Air

For a couple who met in a most untraditional way, Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum and JP Rosenbaum certainly embrace a traditional life. The couple, who originally met on ABC’s seventh season of “The Bachelorette,” made the move to Pinecrest almost two...


A Message from Pinecrest Mayor Joe Corradino

The renovation of Cypress Hall in Pinecrest Gardens is complete. Cypress Hall is a beautiful exhibition and lounge area that includes a coffee counter, modular spaces for art classes and much need space for lectures and other programming. Highlights of...

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