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Dr Marta Sanchez-Emden is the founder of the Animal Health and Rehab Center in South Miami. She has been practicing Veterinary Medicine in Miami for over 20 years. As a Certified Veterinary Journalist, she is the resident veterinarian for various national TV shows. She authored the book “CHIHUAHUAS : How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend,” available on Amazon. Follow her at,, Twitter @DrMartavet, and
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Leptospirosis in Miami?

Recently there has been great concern about the increase in leptospirosis infections reported in urban areas nationwide. It’s difficult to escape the news on TV, newspaper, and social media. And yes, dogs infected with leptospirosis are common in affluent and...

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Zombie Pets?

When a zombie bites another living being, its victim’s destiny is doomed. The victim loses complete control over its own body, becomes aggressive, drools, walks in an awkward manner, and finally dies. The folklore has it that zombies multiply faster...

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My Pet Is Not Fat!

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions not only among humans but also among our pets. While it is true that an increasingly sedentary life and an increased availability of calorie-rich pet diets are important factors contributing to obesity in dogs and...

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The Truth About Vaccines for Pets

It is well known that trends seen in human medicine are also seen in animal medicine. The human movements towards green medicine, for example, rapidly influenced the veterinary world, leading to the introduction of more natural products, from nutritional supplements...

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New Years Resolution: Get Pet Insurance?

Modern advances in veterinary medical technology and procedures such as dialysis, interventional cardiology, chemotherapy, CT scans and MRI studies, among others, have lead to an increase in the medical care cost for pets. The expectation that the cost of these...

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Dog Bites 101

Every year, an average of 800,000 people in the US require emergency medical care for a dog bite. Half of these peoples are children -- most children that are bitten are between 5 and 9 years old. With this in...

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Orthopedic Braces and Prostheses for Pets?

For many years, animals with missing limbs and other skeletal problems were expected to adapt on their own and do well. Three-legged dogs suffer from chronic neck and back pain, as well as arthritis. Humane euthanasia was considered to be...

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How to Perform Easy Pet CPR

Knowing how to perform CPR on an animal is a must for every pet owner. There are certain emergency situations where action is required immediately. Keep in mind that it only takes three minutes for an animal that is not...

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