Friday, November 16, 2018
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The Best Gift I Ever Received…

Need some inspiration? We asked local business owners to share their most treasured holiday memories with us.

“The best gift I ever got was a beautiful flower painting given to me by a couple who was close to my mother and who became my mentors in my growth process. This was the best gift ever because of the love and energy that the intense red flowers conveyed.”
Rosanna Bermejo, CEO – Med Aesthetics Miami

“The best gift I ever got was an Italian espresso pot from a dear friend when I was living in Milan working as a makeup artist. I have used that pot for 30 years, and the older it gets, the better the espresso! Whenever friends come over they always ask me for a cup.”
Terry Lee Jacobs, owner – The Tropical Makeup Artist

“The greatest gift I have ever received is one from my children. My pups Pinkie and Obie give me unconditional love every day and bring joy to our family and friends.”
Dr. Deirdre Marshall – Marshall Cosemétique

“One holiday I worked on Christmas Even until 10 pm and was gifted insight. That evening, after watching ‘A Christmas Carol,’ I realized that I was, perhaps, a little bit Scrooge and did not want to be visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. It gave me the insight to place more focus on relationships and less on business and money.”
Gerong Wengmu, Owner – Shangri-La Massage Spa

“I have a senior in high school and recently had her cap and gown photos taken. I had copies made and when [Frameworks owners] Cris and Claire saw her photos, they decided to mat and frame them for me as a surprise.This brought tears to my eyes.”
Robin Stieglitz, Customer Service Manager  – Frameworks

Andrea Carneiro
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