Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Girl Power : Carrollton

Carrollton educates in the Sacred Heart tradition attending to the physical, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing of the whole child and preparing her to live fully and wisely. For more than 200 years worldwide, and over half a century in Miami, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart has taken its place as the only all-girls school grades preK-12 in the State of Florida, bringing the benefits of a girls-only environment to young women who choose the school for both the school year and summer enrichment. Primary_16-17_-small

In fact, the school’s summer options give those who choose a co-ed education during the year the opportunity to reap the benefits of a single sex school while taking advantage of everything from sports to the arts to STEAM-based learning. “Our summer program echoes our school mission,” says Denise Del Valle, the school’s Director of Afterschool and Summer Programs. “We’re raising girls to be confident, to have strong convictions and courage.”

“We run an all-girls’ school,” says Del Valle. “We see firsthand the benefits of single sex education, especially when it comes to science and engineering. Girls in an all-female environment take a lead in what they’re learning.” And science backs that up. A UCLA research study found that ten percent more girls’ school graduates rate their confidence in math and computer abilities high at the start of college. “Coding is going to become a big part of these students’ future,” explains Del Valle. “We want our girls to have solid experience and confidence in this area. From an early age our girls use coding software to tell and create stories and play music before moving over to more sophisticated project such as building apps. Some of our summer programs place a focus on writing code and design… which will be the way of the future.” Imagine-Design-Code-Illustrate-Animate (just one of the all-day sessions) offers 4th through 7th graders the opportunity to do everything from designing and printing a 3D art piece to working in JavaScript. For those who want to get even more hands-on, the Maker Camp “empowers young women to explore and work with previous technologies and designs in the pursuit of understanding how and why the products were developed.” “It’s all about inventing,” says Del Valle. “What’s available and what can I make? It’s about using tech and different things around us to create solutions for problems.”

More traditional camps are also on the menu, including sports, drama, debate and academics. They also offer a “Fairytales from Around the World” option that places focus on Sacred Heart’s worldwide presence and the importance of learning about other cultures via legends, traditions and tales. “We invite girls from all faiths and ethnicities to participate” explains Del Valle. “Sacred Heart is about embracing all cultures and faith traditions. Our campers come from South America, Europe and other parts of the world.”

Another reason Carrollton draws a diverse summer crowd is the dedication to a personal experience via hands-on staff and administration and small groups of girls. “It’s about creating new friendships and memories,” says Del Valle. “There’s a lot of camaraderie and bonding.”

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