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2017: A Year of Health : A New Year, A New You

Take advantage of all the city has to offer by making 2017 a year of health, happiness and new beginnings. Here are just a few ideas…

Freeze It Off

Not loving your muffin top? Head over to the team at Laser Center of Miami and Spa for the latest innovation in fat treatments: CoolSculpting. Fat cells are frozen during treatment and then eliminated naturally through the body, resulting in a loss of inches with just a few visits and no down time.

Ask For Help

Everyone needs a little help when it comes to weight loss. For some it’s a trainer, for some it’s a nutritionist and, for some, it’s medical intervention. Results MD’s Dr. Jose Soler-Baillo now offers patients  the ORBERA Intragastric Balloon, which, he says, delivers results without drastic measures.

Pamper Yourself

From pedicures and facials to Cryotherapy and salt therapy, My Derma Clinic is up on all the latest in medical spa offerings. Check their website for regular specials designed to make your 2017 beautiful and relaxing.

Know Your Options

Though plastic surgery may not be for everyone, most can agree that finding a surgeon to trust and connect with is a top of mind no matter what the procedure. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Deirdre Marshall to learn more about cosmetic and reconstructive surgery options.

Beautify Your Body

Working with clients who seek everything from scar covers to permanent makeup and para-medical tattoo, Lanette Scherr uses her artistic talent and industry knowledge to improve people’s lives and self-confidence.

Stretch It Out

Whether you want to improve your game or just reach that top shelf, the pros at Stretch Zone can work their magic and help you move more functionally by “re-educating” the nerve-muscle reflex. Utilizing patent pending equipment practitioners follow specific protocols to systematically position, stabilize, isolate and manipulate muscles. The result? An increase your active range of motion and quality of movement.

Make It Personal

Weight loss is in the details. Vida Wellness works off that theory to create personalized programs that offer coaching and mentoring every step of the journey. With varied packages that include everything from blood testing and monthly body composition measurements to lipotropic injections and electrocardiograms, they are ready to give clients the tools they need to succeed.

Get Your Family Fit

More than just a gym, the South Dade Y strengthens community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Stop by to tour the complex’s extensive cardio and wellness center, spin studio, family locker rooms, indoor gym, kids zone, lounge and more.

Dive In

Want a workout that will beat the heat? Jump in and give waterbiking (think spin class meets water aerobics) a go. A huge fitness trend in Europe, the class has now made its way to Coral Gables thanks to this low-impact exercise that not only tones the body and burns calories (twice as many calories as on land), but also improves joint flexibility and aids in active recovery.

Find Your Om

Gain spiritual and physical benefits via a Bodhi yoga class. With classes designed for everyone from beginners to longtime devotees, the studio focuses on Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative, Anusara, Kundalini, Meditation, and Kids Yoga, as well as Teacher Training Courses and workshops.

Make a Life Change

It’s been called the future of depression treatment and Ketamine infusion therapy has been known to provide relief from depression, anxiety and chronic pain management in just hours. For more information contact Ketamine Life Centers at (305) 504-7040 or email

Super Up Your Foods

Blending the worlds of “smart” and “food,” South Miami’s Dr. Smood offers locals an quick and easy way to find health benefits in their everyday life. Foods are labeled by health benefits (ie. Yellow for immunity and green for detox) and the menu offers an eclectic mix of juices, teas, snacks and more.

Take a Breather

Much has been made about the benefits of meditation, but for some relaxation is easier said than done. Get help with your inner voice thanks to Innergy, Miami’s first dedicated meditation studio. Offering drop-in 20-40 minute classes, the studio also offers an Intro class to walk newbies through meditation basics.

Hit The Drive Through

Weeknight meals got you down? Bypass the pizza and stop into Grown, the Pinecrest fast casual that’s been drawing rave reviews since opening last year. From smoothies to full family style meals, the restaurant offers families delicious, organic meals filled with local, sustainable ingredients.

Soothe Your Soul

Want a killer workout with a side of inspiration? Head over to Merrick Park and hop on a Soulcycle bike for a class like no other. Killer tunes will distract you from the intense “tapping back” while instructors keep you—and 50 other hyped bodies—motivated for the full 60 minutes.

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