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Heaven’s Gate Awaits in Sedona, AZ

Nestled between monolithic red rocks at the entrance to Boynton Canyon, long considered sacred ground by Native Americans, is The Enchantment Resort, a 70-acre retreat surrounded by the natural splendor of the Coconino National Forest. Opened in 1987 as a tennis facility, The Enchantment Resort has transformed over the years into something that can be summed up in one word — magical. From the time you round a bend and are faced with the awe-inspiring red rocks, to the moment you enter the front gate where the guard smiles and says, “Welcome back!” you suddenly realize that you have passed through something akin to Heaven’s Gate.

The quiet that envelops the resort, coupled with the peacefulness exuded by the staff puts guests in an amazing state of mind and body. As I checked in, my itinerary was waiting along with a glass of refreshing cucumber water. My accommodations could not have been more inviting. As I unpacked, there was a knock at the door and an attendant delivered a small plate of chocolate covered strawberries (which I promptly devoured). Every morning when I pulled back my drapes, the view of the red rocks mesmerized me and the daily newspaper accompanying a basket of iced orange juice greeted me when I opened my door. At bedtime, a bottle of water and a card with an Indian quote wished me goodnight as I slipped under the down comforter.

In addition to the standard rooms, there are casitas that offer the romance of a fireplace. The resort offers two restaurants and a pool bar, with the pool and hot tub open 24 hours a day along with food and drink service.

As darkness overtakes the red rocks, the oversized fire pit is a big draw for drinks and good conversation. The Enchantment has no outside lighting so guests can appreciate the vastness of the evening sky unencumbered. Flashlights are provided in the guestrooms so one can venture out into the darkness to sit in the hot tub and wish upon the many twinkling stars while sipping on a famous Prickly Pear Margarita.

Mii Amo is a destination spa on the grounds of the resort. Serene and spiritual is what you feel throughout your stay there. It has the Crystal Grotto where meditations take place daily and unparalleled pool service at both of their pools. The spa menu is pretty extensive, so I was hard pressed to choose but I eventually settled on a Dosha Wrap and a Psychic Massage that not only felt amazing physically, but also lifted my soul to new heights.

The concierge, my new best friend, also had arranged other adventures for me. An early morning hike brought me up close and personal to the beauty that surrounds the resort. There are many hiking trails to explore alone or with a guide, and you can’t help but think as you walk among the Manzanita, Crucifixion Thorn and Yucca how the breathtaking scenery looks like a backdrop from an old western movie.

Other activities on my agenda included taking a kayak trip with Sedona Adventure Tours down the Verde River, equipped with water guns and a stop at a local vineyard for a wine tasting. A 4:15 am balloon trip with Red Rock Balloons left me speechless as the sun rose from behind the red rocks to welcome yet another magical day.

By far, the most soul-searching experience I had was with Feather Jones. She led me on a hike up Cathedral Rock to the top of the vortex where we sat and listened to the sound of silence, my thoughts only broken by the call of a canyon bird and the music from her flute carried by the wind.
As I tucked the last night’s Indian quote into my suitcase I knew that The Enchantment had touched me in a way that would linger long after my plane touched down in Miami. Even now, if I close my eyes and still my breathing, I can hear the red rocks calling me back to a place I now call home.

Debbie Martinez is a Miami Dade resident and Travel Editor for The Florida Villager. She can be reached at

Debbie Martinez
the authorDebbie Martinez
Debbie Martinez is a Miami Dade resident and Travel Editor for The Florida Villager. She can be reached at